About Mastrad

Mastrad is a French company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of creative and innovative kitchen utensils. For over 25 years, we have been placing “l’art de l’utile” (the art of utility) within the reach of every kind of chef. And that won’t be changing anytime soon.

The Art of Utility since 1994

Mastrad was born when Mathieu Lion, our CEO, came up with the idea of a revolutionary bar of soap truly suited to kitchen work. Made of stainless steel, sturdy and practical, it eliminated impurities and odors through a redox reaction. Named “Deos,” the object was an immediate success – the first in a long line. Since that moment we have never stopped innovating, bringing you kitchen utensils that are clever, attractive, safe and enjoyable.


Borrowing your apron

When we design our products, we begin with our customers. We imagine you at work in the kitchen, and then think of everything we could do to make your life easier and thus encourage you to keep cooking. We think of those who lack space or time, those who appreciate precision, those who have children, those who are beginners and those who are pros. Sometimes it’s only a detail that no one had ever thought of before; other times we reinvent an entire technique.


Why make things ugly when we can make them beautiful?

Mastrad’s particularity is to associate ingenuity and ergonomics with a true sense of aesthetics. We don’t see why a useful object cannot also be a beautiful one. Let’s be honest: we are rather proud that some of our designs have been exhibited at the MoMA in New York. If you have a sharp eye, you may even notice our Déos in the Star Wars trilogy. Bright colors, clean lines, pleasant materials: this is our design triptych.


From the sketchbook to the kitchen

The creation of Mastrad products takes place internally, at our Paris headquarters. When an idea forms within Mathieu Lion’s mind, or within any other creative mind in the House, it is most often developed on site by our engineers and designers, then prototyped, tested, and tested again. The product is then manufactured and further tested. In the end, we invest more than 7% of our turnover in R&D, especially in the use of new materials.


Mom! We’re on Top Chef!

You are probably familiar with our best-sellers, without necessarily knowing that we created them: the Mastrad siphon, the Déos soap bar, the silicone glove, etc. Since our founding, we have registered 20 patents for our discoveries and more than 200 designs, from the rigid handles on our silicone molds to the one-hand opening mechanism on our Express tongs, without forgetting our silicone molds.

All in all, Mastrad utensils have already received over 40 awards and distinctions from cooking and design professionals, and are appreciated as much by beginners as they are by experts. Our creations regularly appear on Top Chef and MasterChef, and we are thrilled to see that the culinary blogosphere also appreciates them.


Much remains to be invented, and that’s good news!

Today, Mastrad has 3 subsidiaries, is present in France, the US and Hong Kong, employs 70 people and manufactures and distributes over 400 product references in over 50 countries, especially France and the US. Many things have changed since our beginnings in the 90s, but we still have – and you still have – an unlimited territory to explore in the kitchen. Who’s hungry?