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The bartender clamp is ready to seize any and nothing escapes her: ice, lemons, sugar cubes... With its thin ends that facilitate mixing, the clip has its entries in all the glasses, even the bottom of a champagne flute. On the back of one of its branches hides a metering channel. Ideal for gently lay cream, syrup, liqueur... Far from being a simple handle, it uses pestle: - Vertically to reduce lemon, mint,... - On the edge, to crush ice Hidden but obvious: the bottle opener. Two small pegs on the handle of the clip: the first allows to correctly position the opener, the second sharpest slides under the capsule. Imprisoned by a small security click a serrated blade is deployed to suit your needs and cutting a precise and effective gesture. We can not think without a little cocktail zest final staging: The trick is in the blade! Equipped with a zester at its center, it allows all citrus zester that pass our hands.

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