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When you become a Mastrad reseller, you are offering your customers innovative utensils with a creative design, providing a new, more modern vision of the kitchen.

Mastrad is committed to supplying its distributors with quality products that comply with food contact standards, provided with instructions where necessary and delivered in attractive, greener packaging.

Every year, talented designers work hand in hand with us to offer exclusive products in colours, shapes and materials that are as original as they are ergonomic.

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Over 25 years of Know-How

Our success is built on the business expertise of teams engaged every day in projects demanding quality, efficiency and durability, with the aim of providing solutions to baking buffs, cooking fans and anyone who knows their way around a kitchen…

If you want to be a part of the Mastrad culinary adventure, you're sure to win customers (cooks who care about quality, from amateurs to professionals) and earn their loyalty.

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