20 CM PAN & BAIN-MARIE- Balancia

The bain-marie combo, with its Secured Rotation System, is perfect for melting ingredients, like butter and chocolate, or for delicate mixtures, like custard sauce, scrambled eggs, and sabayon, easily and with complete control of the cooking process. Leaving the bain-marie inside the pan filled with hot water helps maintain the contents at the right temperature. On the other hand, removing the water puts a complete stop on the cooking process. The safety latch provides the bain-marie accessory with perfect stability. In addition to its revolutionary combo mode, it can also simply be used without the bain-marie accessory as a conventional pan, stewpot, or mixing or serving bowl. Our bowls/pans’ thermo-diffuser layered base and our silicone-encircled lids ensure optimized rises in temperature and an ideal distribution of heat. Our bowls/pans are compatible with all types of stovetops (gas, electric, vitroceramic, or induction cooking hobs and can be used in the oven, as can the handles and lids. Diam 20 cm (2,6L)

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