• Our Bel Air utensils are a little twisted… but it is not a manufacturing defect! Their curved handle allows them to settle in balance on your work surface to keep it clean. It is also more ergonomic. Let's see this crepe turner closer. Its light and colored look hides a temperament of tough girl. Made mainly from nylon and fiberglass, this crepe turner is durable: it resists high temperatures (up to 428°F [220°C]) and does not scratch coatings. The long and narrow head will be useful for you to turn your crepes. Thanks to a stainless-steel disc, you can affix the spoon to a magnetic surface or hang it by its handle to keep it within reach. That makes room in drawers!
  • Magnetic
    Resists up to 428°F (220°C)
    nylon and fiberglass