A large pastry bag + a 3-in-1 mold + a recipe book
The trilogy to be respected for perfect eclairs? An air puff pastry, an irresistible filling, and a topping which tempts to succumb. This kit contains everything you need to master these 3 factors-keys and realize 16 sweet or savory mini eclairs. One large Deco Pocket with 3 pastry tips, to fill and decorat the eclairs; a recipe book to stimulate your creativity, and a 3- in-1 mold designed with a series of small air vents to allow circulation of heat from the oven and ensures a perfect bake, of filling opening to make it easy for you to fill your eclairs with pastry cream and with 8 original glazing desings to personalize each éclair.
Flexible and nonstick mould • Resistant to extreme temperatures (+482°F [250°C]/-40°C) • Air vents for baking pastry to perfection • Opening for filling the éclairs • 8 different glazing designs for decorating

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