Our awards

The steel soap that started it all…

Inspired by his experience in the kitchens of Maxim's, Mathieu Lion decided to invent utensils that were perfectly suited to contemporary modern cooking, and founded Mastrad S.A with Thibault Houelleu in 1994. For his first product, Mathieu decided to go big. He designed a steel soap. Christened "Deos" and designed by Luka, this utensil, with its retro-futuristic curves, removes persistent odours from cooks’ hands via a natural and inexhaustible phenomenon: redox.

The result: a medal at the Concours Lépine, and immediate success. More than 10 million items are now in the hands of cooks everywhere.


The 1990s: design, colours… and most of all, the arrival of silicone.

From the very start, Mastrad made an impression with Magma, a hot plate requiring neither flame nor power. Its microwaveable ceramic core retains heat for an hour, but its rim stays cool to the touch.

Mastrad's Axos range focused on the ergonomics of the knife. The Association des Cuisiniers Français was won over by the innovative design of these formidable blades. The little Gallic knives have even been seen on display at the famous Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.  

Mastrad's visionary, pioneering approach brought colour to kitchen utensils with the Elios  peeler range. So just what was the secret of these newcomers? A soft, non-slip handle, extreme comfort and blades to suit all needs (ceramic, double stainless steel blades, julienne, thin skins, etc.).

A kitchen revolution began with the arrival of silicone: a material that does not melt or scratch, and lends itself to any flight of design fancy? It's a dream come true for a brand whose watchwords are practicality, durability and beauty. Mastrad was quick to appreciate the advantages of silicone, and used it for the first time in its creations.


New millennium: invention in its DNA

Driven by the passion of Mathieu Lion, Mastrad innovated tirelessly over the next decade as it continued to demonstrate the same entrepreneurial spirit.

The early 2000s saw the finishing touches applied to its programmable electronic thermal cooking probe  – a genuine technical tour de force in the culinary world. It was the first in a long line of items that would become essential staples in the world of kitchen thermometers.

When it comes to your sauces, Mastrad will really stir things up. How can you make preparing a vinaigrette easier, faster and more fun, with guaranteed results? The answer to this question comes in the shape of a Mastrad vinaigrette mixer. Graduations and recipes incorporated into the glass, anti-spill spouts… and most of all, a crank that does the emulsifying for you. It all seems so obvious now…

Driven by a spirit of freedom and creativity, the Orka silicone glove marked a turning point in Mastrad's history. This practical, durable and colourful flexible silicone utensil, resistant to temperatures of up to 250°C, made it possible for the first time for cooks to immerse their hands in boiling liquid without burning themselves.

The Mastrad siphon, saw the arrival of a future classic in the world of mousses. Safe, practical and accessible, this spectacular pro tool was within everyone's reach. Foie gras mousses, crab cappuccinos, raspberry nuages, asparagus mousses and whipped cream… Another perfect combination of beauty and utility.


The future: Towards healthier, more connected cooking

Mastrad is tackling the challenges of natural products and well-being by chipping away at the bad reputation of crisps. The goal is to create crunchy, tasty crisps that are free of fat and effortless to prepare: an ambition that would have remained a dream without the ingenious TopChips. A mandoline, a perforated baking tray, a microwave… and vegetable and fruit chips will never be the same again.

Mastrad is turning its attention to practical applications with a number of ranges totally geared toward users: to simplify the lives of young parents with Mastrad Baby or the Balancia range, these clever containers can turn their hand to any role as daily needs dictate. Compact and easy on the wallet, practical and attractive… Mastrad combines demanding standards, durability, functionality and aesthetics.

The design, research and development work initiated a number of years previously is now leading Mastrad to introduce its connected revolution: the first fully wireless cooking probe. This little technological gem, meat°it, is controlled by a free app that is compatible with smartphones and tablets. 

With a view to reducing waste, Mastrad has created Stor’eat®: the first smart storage solution with a range of boxesjars and  vacuum bags connected to a special mobile app. By offering better control over stocks, Mastrad is demonstrating its commitment to providing everyone with the tools to fight against everyday food waste.



A number of our innovations have received prestigious awards – a sign of professional recognition of the fruits of our labour. The excellence of our design and creativity has been acknowledged on multiple occasions at these prestigious competitions. Here are a few examples of our most acclaimed products:


Smart wireless cooking probe: meat°it

  • Finalist, L'Observeur du Design - Paris, 2019
  • Finalist, Houseware Design awards - USA, 2019
  • CES Innovation Award recipient, 2019 - Las Vegas, US
  • 2018 finalist at Global Innovation Awards, Smart Home category, Chicago, USA, 2019

Orka glove

  • Star award, L'Observeur du Design - Paris 2002
  • "Innovation of the Year”, Good Housekeeping Magazine – UK, 2002
  • “Excellence” – Houseware Awards - UK, 2002
  • "Best New Product" / "Gourmet Gold" - Gourmet Products Show - San Francisco – 2003
  • "Strategies” Industrial Design Grand Prix - Paris - 2003



  • "Good Design” award - Chicago - 2011
  • “Jury's Favourite" - Table & Cadeau – 2011
  • "Award" - Lifestyle & Health Choice - Gourmet Product Awards - California – 2011
  • “Houseware Design Awards" - Finalist in Cookware Category - New York – 2011
  • "Best New Product”- Autumn Fair - Birmingham - 2011

Deos steel soap

  • "Medal” at the Lépine competition - Paris - 1994
  • "Bronze medal" at the 27th International Exhibition of Inventions - Geneva - 1997